Launch of the United Nations Global Campaign on Sustainable Nitrogen Management, a High-Level Segment and Science – Policy – Political Dialogue to be held on 23 – 24 October 2019 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Member States recognized the urgency of addressing Nitrogen management in meeting air quality, water quality, climate, stratospheric ozone and biodiversity goals, while offering huge economic opportunities to reduce approximately SZOO billion of reactive nitrogen that is wasted every year; as well as reducing eutrophic zones affecting fishing and tourism industries. This resolution calls for sharing and making available existing information and knowledge in the development of evidence based and intersectorally coherent approaches in domestic decision-making towards Sustainable Nitrogen Management.

The overall objective of this campaign is to:
l. raise public awareness of Nitrogen challenges and opportunities by bringing together broad
participation and discussion, including; governments, science, policy, business, civil society,
2. promote appropriate training and capacity building for policy makers and practitioners in developing
widespread understanding and awareness of the nitrogen cycling and opportunities for action,
3. facilitate assessment of multiple environmental, food and health benefits of possible goals for improved
nitrogen management, quantifying the net economic benefits for food and energy production,
freshwater and marine environmental quality, air quality, greenhouse gas mitigation and
stratospheric ozone depletion mitigation.

The ultimate goal of the United Nations Global Campaign on Sustainable Nitrogen Management is to develop
a comprehensive global strategy on Nitrogen management.