HLPF 2019: EGM on Advancing the 2030 Agenda into the HLPF’s Second Cycle

Advancing the 2030 Agenda into the HLPF’s Second Cycle: An expert meeting for reviewing advancing the 2030 agenda. Friends of Governance for Sustainable Development in cooperation with UN-DESA Office of Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development. Meeting sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Morocco to the United Nations.

There will be four sessions:

  1. Where are we in Global Sustainability – Presentation of the main findings of the draft Global Sustainable Development Report: By one of the members of the Advisory Board.
  2. How can the HLPF identify and deal with new and emerging issues? By Peter Padbury Chief Futurist, Scanning and Foresight at Policy Horizons, Canadian Government presenting the findings of the report: “The Next Generation of Emerging Global Challenges” and Cat Tully, Founder of The School of International Futures.
  3. Inter-Agency Expert Group on SDG Indicators – state of play in preparation for the 2020 Review: By UN Division on Statistics.
  4. Implications for SDG 16 of the Rome Expert Workshop on SDG 16: By Anne Kahl Special Advisor, Governance and Sustaining Peace UNDP.

Date: June 21st 2019

Venue: UN Headquarters in New York, Room S-1520 (UN Tower)

Time 8:45 am to 1:00 pm

RSVP to Felix Dodds at felix@felixdodds.net