Women's Major Group: Feminist Forum

Dear Feminists, The Women’s Major Group will host a Feminist Forum on September 24th, the day before the Post-2015 Summit. Feminists and women’s rights activists will come together to discuss, debate, motivate and inspire each other with ideas about next steps. Eyes will be on the United Nations Post-2015 Summit in New York from 25 – 27 September 2015 as governments adopt Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Feminists are already asking, what is next? How will we influence? Where? What are our strategies? What are the challenges? During the day, we will look at Indicators; Follow-up and Review; Linkages to national, regional, and international implementation; the climate COP in December; the future of Multilateralism; and more! Give your own ideas in the form below. Limited funding for available for participation in the Feminist Forum, both full and partial, is available. Register to attend (whether you need funding or not) by filling out the form below. Open to civil society. Bring your passion and creativity! Deadlines: Funding applications due Thursday, September 3, 5 pm NY. Registration for non-funded participants due Friday, September 18, 5 pm NY. Registration Form here.