People's Climate Marche in New York City

People worldwide are calling for the largest climate march in history: “Igniting ambition, action, and urgency to this moment, in New York City there will be an unprecedented climate mobilization – in size, beauty, and impact. This moment will not be just about New York or the United States. Heads of state from around the world will be there, as will the attention of global media.

No single meeting or summit will “solve climate change” and in many ways, this moment will not even really be about the summit. This moment is about the people who are standing up in our communities, to organize, to build power, to confront the power of fossil fuels, and to shift power to a just, safe, peaceful world which promotes and protects human rights”. Get involved! Join women’s organizations (including WEDO, FTF, Soroptimist International and many others of the WMG) as part of the WOMEN AND THE PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH HUB. Access here

MISSION –  WOMEN AND THE PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH hub is a space for people who are engaged in women’s issues, organizations, feminist collectives/ alliances, and the wide-range of non-profits that serve women, locally and nationally, to mobilize a strong presence for the September 21st ‘People’s Climate March’ in NYC and to expand women’s reach and leadership on climate issues!