The WMG facilitates advocacy by its members, including through an Advocacy List that is made up of non-government and non-UN WMG members. The WMG advocacy incorporates multiple aspects: development of position papers and common messaging; communications via traditional and social media; meetings with delegates and allies; mapping statements and position of Member States; and hosting side events.

The advocacy work aims to represent the diversity of the WMG voices and interests, global/regional/national levels and thematic focus, while also developing common positions and messaging.

The WMG also ensures that advocacy content incorporates all dimensions of sustainable development and those positions are equally represented when meeting in person with delegates or when writing positions.

27Oct. 2019

Beijing25 Africa Review

October 27th, 2019|

“Business Insolite” pour l’examen de Beijing+25  par l’Afrique L’année prochaine, en 2020, alors que le monde marque les 25 ans de l’adoption de la BDPfA, il existe suffisamment de preuves pour montre [...]