CSW 61, Side Event: Who Cares? Women, Labor, Justice & the SDG

“In 2017, the changing world of work is wrapped up in issues of gender equality, global economic systems, the care economy, climate change, human rights and access to resources.This event highlights linkages between work and the Sustainable Development Goals. Speakers will discuss the critical role of civil society and rights holders in monitoring the implementation of the SDGs and linkages to other processes and to women’s human rights, looking ahead to the 2017 High Level Political Forum where countries will report on their SDG progress. Speakers will discuss a ‘just transition’ to ensure that efforts to lower emissions and address climate and environmental challenges are inclusive and increase participation, rights and access to decent work for all. The event considers the role of data, means of implementation and a feminist perspective with contributions from partners in the Indigenous Peoples constituencies and the United Nations, ending in a lively Q&A.”

Join the Women’s Major Group at this side event.

Location: Church Center, 2nd floor

DateTuesday, March 14

Time: 2:30 PM

Contact: lean@wedo.org