CSW 61, Side Event: Roots of Change: Reclaiming Economics for Women and Community

“Women’s opportunity and necessity has traditionally been in farming and textiles; it is crucial to re-vision women’s roles in a broader context. Women’s economic empowerment needs to involve equity, ownership, and a community focus. Our 10-minute film Roots of Change: Food Sovereignty, Women and Eco-Justice demonstrates the dangers we face as corporations replace local family farms and fisheries.  It features women’s perspectives and includes men on all levels, suggesting the values we need to foster in order to reclaim our economic future. Speakers will address diverse concerns such as loss of local knowledge, community based solutions, innovative practices, and the impacts of international trade. In our interconnected world, women’s empowerment lies in a robust local community as well as justice in the global community.”

Join this combined Side Event by the Temple of Understanding and the Women’s Major Group 

LocationSalvation Army, downstairs

DateThursday, March 16

Time10:30 AM