All Beijing+25 interventions delivered by civil society at the UNECE regional review can be found here.


Civil society organisation have identified priorities and prepared statements from their regional and thematic perspectives. These statements were prepared in the 3 months prior to the conference by all who had joined the listserve, as input for the discussions in the break out groups during the CSO forum. They laid the foundation for our common interventions at the Beijing+25 Regional Review Meeting. The input from the CSO forum is still being added and when ready, the final statements are uploaded onto the website. We greatly value all the input given! Disclaimer: the statements reflect the perspectives of the authors and contributors as stated at the top of each factsheet. These are not negotiated consensus positions, but give an overview of priorities and diverse views of the women’s and feminist movement in the UNECE region.

Regional position papers

Central Asia Download
Caucasus Download
Eastern Europe Download
European Union (and Norway, Switzerland) Download
North America Download
Western Balkans (and Turkey) Download

Thematic position papers

Ending discrimination against women and girls in all their diversity

Rights of LBTI & gender non-conforming women and people Download
Women migrant rights Download
Indigenous peoples’ rights Download
Widows Download
Women with disabilities Download
Older women Download

Guarantee equal participation and decision-making

Women’s political participation Download
Others to come

Ensuring women’s bodily autonomy, sexual and reproductive health and rights

Sexual reproductive health & rights Download
Others to come

Ensure feminist economic policies and climate justice

Structural economic barriers to women’s rights Download
Tax justice and gender equality Download
Corporate and institutional accountability to the Beijing+25 process Download
Rural women & economic empowerment Download
Climate, environment & women’s rights Download
Women labour movements Download

Ensure peace, justice and accountability

Peace & security, and displaced women Download
Accountability and monitoring for women’s rights and gender equality Download
Financing for implementation of BPfA Download

Ending violence against women, girls and women human rights defenders

Violence against women & girls (VAWG) Download
Addressing anti-women’s rights groups, shrinking spaces, neo-conservatism and women human rights defenders Download
Others to come

Ensure women’s rights in media, education and technology access

Women in the media Download
Others to come