APFSD 2019: Shaila Shahid's Intervention at the Session on Progress in the implementation of SDG 17 on MOI

Without means that match the ends in ambition, the SDGs goals will be ‘aspirational’ not in the best sense -of something that will inspire all people to act to bring it about, but in the worst sense -a distant, remote, with no visible path. Member states must collectively rise to this challenge: they must affirm the means to achieve these ends, and so prove themselves serious about a global partnership for development in the interests of all the world’s people.

Shaila Shahid (International Centre for Climate Change and Development, Bangladesh), delivered her combined intervention on behalf of the Women Constituency of APRCEM, during the Session on Progress in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 17 on Means of Implementation, held in Bangkok, on 27th March 2019.

Download the combined statement here.