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22 May. 2014

Helen Hakena of Papua New Guinea’s strong speech delivered at the UNESCAP Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development in Thailand on May 19th 2014

Helen Hakena’s (Leitana Women’s Development Agency, Bougainville, PNG and Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development) gave a presentation on behalf of the Women’s Major Group on May 19 at the 2014 UNESCAP Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development. In her speech, Hakena emphasized the need for governments in the Asia-Pacific region to commit to development justice as the transformative framework for the new global development agenda and reiterated the call for an equitable redistribution of wealth, power and resources. […]

22 May. 2014

Congratulations to Silvia Ribeiro

Silvia Ribeiro (ETCgroup) spoke as Women's representati [...]